© Gabriele Reina  
© Gabriele Reina
A pictorial journey to Poland. Gabriele Reina
13.02.18, 18:30 - 25.02.2018 GALLERIA BOLZANI, Milano
A pictorial journey to Poland.
Portraits, landscapes, sketchbooks painted by Gabriele Reina
The exhibition is under the patronage of the Consulate of the Republic of Poland.

Gabriele Reina

Born in Lugano in 1969 to an old Lombard family of military and industrial traditions. Portraitist painter, he was a pupil of futurist master Sibò (Pier Luigi Bossi, 1907-2000), who was a disciple of Sienese painters Arturo Viligiardi (1869-1936) and Dario Neri (1895-1958). As the painter is a vocation and not a profession, he graduated in Languages and then Art History at the University of Milan. He was then editor, writer and last editor-in-chief of the historical publishing house FMR/Franco Maria Ricci, author of books and essays for FMR, Mondadori-Electa, White Star/National Geographic etc. including Palazzo Altieri; Bologna; Castles of the world; Superga segreta etc. He is a member of Società Dalmata di Storia Patria (Venice), Società Italiana di Studi Araldici (Turin), Scottish History Society (St. Andrews) and the Robert Louis Stevenson Club (Edinburgh).

In the summers between 1998 and 2006, the artist was repeatedly a guest of the Chyla and Sobanski families in southern Poland, in Masurian Lakes and close to forests of Lithuania. A semi-legendary land for whom was born in Italy, dotted with baroque monasteries, dreary castles of the Teutonic knights and abandoned “szlachta” manor houses. But still connected to the Italian peninsula by indissoluble cultural links. Countless portraits and landscapes have been the result of those wanderings between Alps and Baltic Sea, in the ancient central Voivodeships, close to the Tatras and Carpathians, perhaps by running along the "wild fields", or by hiking the woods described by Piasecki in the “Lover of the Ursa Major”. A different way to understand the glorious but also painful history of the Polish past. Many years after his last journey, amid growing feelings of nostalgia, the artist has chosen to exhibit the most evocative works from his private collection, as homage to a fondly remembered country. They are now shown publicly for the first time, in the oldest art gallery of Milan. Where we like to think they perhaps reflect an indefinable Polish word: “tesknota”; that in Chopin becomes music, in songs poetry and in paintings the evocation of the charming beauty of the “Land of the winged knights”.

(Marta Zofia Zagórowska)

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