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(c) NAVA
Polish language and culture summer courses 2019

One of the main goals of NAWA is the promotion of the Polish language. This goal is implemented, among others, by organizing summer courses of Polish language and culture, during which the participants of the courses can learn Polish intensively (about 20 hours of classes per week), speak Polish at classes and outside (on the street, in a restaurant, during meetings with Poles), visit various cities in Poland, integrate with other foreign students, carry out joint projects.

The application can be submitted via NAWA ICT system until 18 March, at 15:00. Students may choose one of the following dates: 1-29 July, 8-29 July, 1-29 August and 9-30 August 2019. For Polish language teachers, only one date is provided: 1-22 August 2019.

Beneficiaries of the Programme will receive free of charge:

- intensive Polish language courses with experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language,

- classes showing Polish history and culture,

- thematic workshops,

- presentations of Polish movies,

- trips to interesting places,

- integration events (including meetings with Poles),

- accommodation,

- meals (3 a day),

- PLN 500 scholarship (Polish language teachers PLN 700).

By signing the contract for financing, the Beneficiaries undertake to finance the costs of arrival to and from Poland, no less than 75% attendance at classes and care for the place of accommodation, place of classes and teaching materials entrusted.

Students applying to participate in the Programme must meet the following requirements:

- do not have Polish citizenship;

- do not study in Poland (in the academic year 2018/2019);

- learn Polish or speak English at the level of B1 at the least;

- they are students of foreign universities.

Programme schedule

11.02 - 18.03.2019 call for proposals

March-May 2019 formal evaluation and merit-based evaluation

by 1.06.2019 announcement of ranking lists

The Programme Regulations


Applications can be sumbited only via https://programs.nawa.gov.pl/login.